Humanitarian Aid Organization

موسسه امدادی افغانستان

Afghanistan Relief Organization is a humanitarian organization which provides direct aid and education to those in need in Afghanistan.We bring people together in a common goal to aid our fellow man. Help Build Hope in Afghanistan!


We now provide education to over 800 youth and adult students.

Food Supplies

Food, medicine, hygiene supplies, school supplies and winter relief supplies

Serving Afghan People

The Afghanistan Relief Organization helps those who are most vulnerable in times of war—the innocent: women, children, the elderly, and the disabled.

Afghan Relief Organization is a non-political, secular, non-profit 501(c)(3) humanitarian organization. Plese donate generously by clicking the button below:

Welcome to Afghan Relief Organization!

promo-img-bigAfghanistan Relief Organization (ARO) is a non-political, non-religious, nonprofit 501(c)(3) humanitarian organization, registered in the United States and in Afghanistan (a requirement of all non governmental organizations working in Afghanistan). We bring people together in a common goal to aid our fellow man. Help Build Hope in Afghanistan!
The Afghanistan Relief Organization (ARO) has worked on relief efforts in Afghanistan since 1998. After late 2001, hundreds of non governmental organizations (NGOs) began arriving in Afghanistan to participate in reconstruction. In 2005, the new Afghan government began a careful review and re-registration process to determine which organizations were contributing programs beneficial to recovery efforts.
In early February 2006, the Afghan government renewed the operating licenses of about 160 NGOs, out of approximately 1600 NGOs that arrived in country in early 2002. By the end of 2007, registered NGOs or PVOs operating in Afghanistan are numbered at approximately 1,000, with a requirement by the government of Afghanistan for formal reporting on project work.
The Afghanistan Relief Organization was the tenth NGO re-registered and remains in good standing. The programs and relief trips by American volunteers have been reported in Orange Coast Magazine, the Orange County Register, CNN, and The LA Weekly, among other publications.
We applaud our volunteers and staff for their hard work and due diligence!


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Recent Projects

promo-img-bigARO designated official NGO partner in The Kite Runner social action campaign with Participant Productions and Paramount Vantage.

Participant Productions and Paramount Vantage have designated non governmental organization (NGO) partners in a social action campaign to accompany the Golden Globe-nominated film, The Kite Runner, based on Khaled Hosseini’s international best-seller. ARO was the first NGO partner asked to participate, through an introduction by Khaled Hosseini.

The goal of the social action campaign is to “build upon the work of NGOs… already actively tackling the issues”. The Kite Runner campaign provides an opportunity to raise awareness and support for educational initiatives both in and outside of Afghanistan.

Educating about Afghanistan

The campaign provides a downloadable teachers’ guide to educate American high school students about the history of Afghanistan, from pre-Soviet invasion to present day, and addresses core themes of the book and film. Screenings of The Kite Runner will be presented to high schools and universities to increase awareness about Afghanistan.

ARO volunteers are providing information about education, aid work and Afghanistan to students in communities around the country, including Colorado, Virginia, Ohio, California, Iowa, Nebraska, and Washington, D.C. Read More