Afghanistan Relief Organization, a bridge between Poor People of Afghanistan and Donors!

Our generous and kind donors raised funds for the disadvantaged people of Afghanistan in the United States, helped these poor families of Afghans through Afghanistan Relief Organization in Kabul.

Our generous donors are as follows:

1 – Ehsan Khwajazada – Donating of six needy families monthly

2 – Nafesa Rahmanzai – Donating of six needy families monthly

3 – Hajji Abdul Satar – Donating of one needy family

4 – Nahed Khalili – Donating of one instructor salary monthly

5 – Zahra Khalili – Donating of one instructor salary monthly

Other donors support for the poor people of Afghanistan due to unexpected incidents in Afghanistan are listed below:

1 – Masoud Khalili

2 – Ehsan Khwajazada

3 – Hajji Abdul Satar

4 – Naseem Yusuf

5 – Zahra Khalili

6 – Fareed Nazari

7 – Habib Sarwari

8 – Noorzai Sahib

9 – Enayat Madani

موسسه امدادی افغانستان پُلی میان هموطنان فقیر و توانمند!

هموطنان دلسوز و شخصیت های مهربان مقیم ایالات متحده امریکا که در جمع آوری کمک های خیریه به هموطنان بی بضاعت سهم فعال گرفته اند و کمک های خیریه خویش را از طریق موسسه امدادی افغانستان به خانواده های بی بضاعت و شاگردان موسسه امدادی می فرستند، به شرح ذیل است:

ناهید خلیلی – ماهوار پرداخت معاش یکی از معلمین

زهرا خلیلی – ماهوار پرداخت معاش ماهوار یکی از معلمین

نفیسه رحمانزی – ماهوار کمک به شش خانواده بی بضاعت

حاجی عبدالستار – ماهوار کمک به یک خانواده بی بضاعت

احسان خواجه زاده – ماهوار کمک به شش خانواده بی بضاعت

سایر کمک کننده گان به حوادث غیرمترقبه که در نتیجه آن مردم ملکی و بی بضاعت قربانیان اصلی آن می باشند؛

مسعود خلیلی

احسان خواجه زاده

حاجی عبدالستار

نسیم یوسف

زهرا خلیلی

فرید نظری

حبیب سروری

نورزی صاحب

عنایت مدنی

موسسه امدادی افغانستان از همه کمک کننده گان اظهار سپاس و امتنان می نماید.


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To Donate by mail:

Afghanistan Relief Organization
P.O. Box 866
Cypress, CA 90630
Please send your address with the check for a mailed receipt.

ARO is a 501c3 non profit organization, registered in California, Federal Tax ID 95-4822766.

For donors within the United States:

Your donation is tax deductible to the extent allowable by law. Please provide your name and address with donations by mail, if you wish to receive a receipt for tax purposes.

For International donors:

Please provide your name and address if you wish to receive a receipt. Tax deduction eligibility is the responsibility of the donor, according to the laws of the country in which the donor resides. The Afghanistan Relief Organization can only accept donations in U.S. dollar amounts. To calculate your donation amount, please use this currency converter,

The Afghanistan Relief Organization reserves the right to determine the use of donations, according to priority or emergency aid needs in Afghanistan. Donations to the organization are reported on annual IRS Form 990, and ARO programs are reported to the government of Afghanistan, as required by registered non governmental organizations. Information about ongoing ARO programs is reported on this website. For more information, contact
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