Relief Efforts


ARO’s US volunteers make a minimum of one relief trip annually. Our Afghan volunteers and staff conduct more frequent relief distributions of aid and school supplies.

US volunteers are required to pay their own travel and accommodations, and usually travel on their vacation time away from their regular work. As a predominantly volunteer organization, we rely on ARO volunteers’ generous spirit and love for Afghanistan.

We invite you to read through our volunteers’ accomplishments and observations by clicking on the relief trips listed on the navigation menu on the left side of this page.

مجروحین حادثه مکتب سید الشهداء

کمک های نقدی

کمک های هموطنان ما

ره نیک مردان آزاده گیر
چو ایستاده ای دست افتاده گیر
به ادامه ادامه کمک های خیرخواهانه و انسان دوستانه موسسه امدادی افغانستان به فقرا و مستمندان، اینک موسسه امدادی افغانستان کمک‌های نقدی همکار گرامی این موسسه، محترمه زرغونه حمید را به مجروحین حادثه مکتب سید الشهداء که در شفاخانه محمدعلی جناح بستر بودند، تقدیم نمود.موسسه امدادی افغانستان به عنوان پُلی میان نیازمندان و کمک‌کنندگان، از همکاری و دلسوزی بانو زرغونه حمید اظهار سپاس و قدردانی می‌نماید.لایک | کمنت | شییر (Share) | را فراموش نکنید.

Students voice

I am Nargis Ehsan, an eighteen years old girl living in Kabul. I am a current English Access Microscholarship Program student of Afghanistan Relief Organization (ARO). I really feel happy that I have been one of ARO’s family for a long period of time. My teachers always have been supporting me through my this lovely journey of learning a new language and paving me different ways for achiving various valuable apportuniries as guided me how to get successed in the (Leadership and English Advancement Program – LEAP) program. I understand how much LEAP can teach me, conects me with new people, shows me a new culture and especially, takes me to a new place out of Afganistan to explore it and shows me new methods of life. I am really astonished about my success in LEAP.

Nargis Ehsan, Student of Afghanistan Relief organization

22 Years Ago

ARO Activity, Twenty-two years ago.
ARO Activity, Twenty-two years ago.

Twenty-two years ago, when people of Afghanistan ran away from civil-war ravaged country, Afghan children had dark future in Afghanistan. Afghanistan Relief Organization (ARO) itself was responsible for helping these disadvantaged people in that time, but is currently committed to serving to the people of Afghanistan.

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